Fair Future Foundation - A Swiss Medical NGO in Indonesia

A Swiss NGO whose mission is to treat tens of thousands of people every year, to develop important projects in access to health, social, protection and emergency programs in Indonesia.

All the sick in the world are entitled to receive medical care. It's that simple!

Dear friends, dear all! The Fair Future Foundation board, we all wish you a very warm welcome to our new foundation website.

What are we doing?

The Fair Future Foundation (FFF) is a Swiss aid organization. In 2018, we helped tens of thousands of people, children and their communities in Indonesia through our health, social, protection and emergency programs. We strengthen health systems in a way that's sustainable by building the capacity of health workers at all levels, with respect, empathy and love.

What impact?

We helps fill critical gaps in health care delivery systems in Indonesia through our own teams of caregivers. By using our solutions, partners measure impact and increase efficiency. Every day, our work has a positive impact on people's lives. Their smiles make us do more!

So many people depend on the Foundation for lifesaving care. And they depend on the members of our supporter community-people just like you-to create stronger communities and ensure healthier futures..

Thank you very much to all of you for, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization.

Act to offer medical care

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